How To Use Tharp Me!

Tharp Me! is very simple to use. Simply find a page you want to link to, come to and input the URL in the input field. Then, click "Tharp Me!" Your shortened URL will be returned, as well as the link where you can track your stats. (This link is simply the shortened URL with a "+" appended to the end example:

You can also bookmark our bookmarklet using the link in the menu at the top of this page. Once you have the bookmarklet, you just need to click it whenever you are browsing a page, and you'll automatically be brought to our page with your shortened URL.

You can also pass additional subdirectories and variables in a shortened URL. Let's say the URL links to If you were to link to, anyone who clicked that link would be redirected to

Anything at the end of the URL not interpreted as part of the hash is simply passed along and appended to the destination URL that was shortened.

This is useful if you want to reuse an abbreviated URL for various parts of your site. Keep in mind, however, that Tharp Me! will interpret any number or letter as a hash and try to load that page. If you append additional data, it is best to start it with a '/' or a '?'.

Also, for advanced users, be sure to check out our API.