Terms of Use for Tharp Me!

Tharp Me! is intended to be a free, useful tool for anyone wishing to shorten URLs. In an ideal world, everyone would use it as intended, but, as we all know, this is never the case.

Any person or persons, private or commercial, is free to use abv8.me free of charge. We do, however, have certain restrictions as to help curb any urge to abuse our system.

We reserve the right to blacklist an IP address without warning if we feel that source is misusing our system or compromising the integrity of our data in any way.

We have implemented a primary method of defense by verifying all URLs. This helps reduce bot spamming by forcing the malevolent users to at least have lots of unique URLs to spam with.

Our secondary method of defense is in the form of usage limits. We feel these are very generous limits, and should be sufficient for even the most verbose of Tweeters.

If you repeatedly approach these limits in a way that we determine to be malicious, we may blacklist your IP address and take whatever steps necessary to inhibit your usage of our system.

These terms are subject to change. We will make every effort to keep your shortened URLs live for as long as you need them to be, but should the situation require it (i.e. abusers of our system become rampant), we reserve the right to further restrict Tharp Me! in whatever manner we see fit. This will not affect previously abbreviated URLs unless we decide to impose a clicking limit.

Again, Tharp Me! is simply a free tool that will hopefully help many people. We have no desire to restrict it in any additional way.